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5 Harmful Health Effects of Smoking to the Body


Smoking is a practice in which a substance is burned, inhaled, tasted and absorbed into the bloodstream. It should be noted that there is a great danger or effect in smoking. So many people see it as pleasures, a life style, and a means of activating the memory by doing things harshly in order to be respected in the society. Inhaling tobacco can damage the lungs and results to badly effects such as cough, cold, wheezing and asthma. It can also cause fatal diseases like pneumonia, lung cancer and emphysema. Researches have shown that smoking causes 83% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and 84% of deaths from lung cancer.

Below are some health effects of smoking:

  • Lung cancer

Smoking causes lung cancer by blocking the flow of gaseous materials (the inhale of oxygen and exhale of carbon dioxide). The lung has two spongy organs in the chest region which allow oxygen to flow in and take out carbon dioxide from the body system. Smoking puts you at a very high significant risk of developing lung cancer which results to death.

Some common symptoms of lung cancer

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Feeling tired or weak
  3. Persistent coughing
  4. Pain all over the chest region
  • Heart disease

One of the things that damage the lining of your arteries easily is smoking. It increases the risk of cardiovascular disease development and builds up fatty material (atheroma) resulting to heart attack or stroke.

Early signs of heart disease:

  1. Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  2. Reduce ability to exercise
  3. Persistent wheezing or coughing of blood
  • Poor vision

Some old men and women today who are victim of poor vision problem is as a result of smoking. It increases the risk of eye problems like macular, degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. Smoking has a detrimental effect on the human eye; the smoke coming out of the cigarette accumulates in the retina which reduces the rate of sightedness.

  • Loss of appetite

Smoking suppresses your appetite by decreasing the sense of taste. The habit of smoking can make eating less enjoyable and irritating to the taste bud.

  • Infertility

Both men and women who smoke may likely experience infertility issues than people who don’t smoke. As a lady who involves herself into smoking, it is advisable to quit from it before you conceive. Research has shown that intake of cigarette causes fertility problem to the fallopian tubes and Cowper’s gland. This means there will be blockages (prevention of eggs and sperms from meeting) and damages in egg cells as they develop in the ovaries.

Common signs of infertility:

  1. Pain during sex
  2. Absent of menstruation
  3. Problem maintaining erection
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