Home News Between Runtown and former Boss, Dilly: Things just got messier!

Between Runtown and former Boss, Dilly: Things just got messier!


The war between Nigerian popstar, Runtown and his enstranged record label, Eric Many, which is headed by Dilly Umenyiora keeps getting messier by the day.

Barely 24 hours after Dilly claimed he was invited for questioning by the Nigerian Police after a case of ‘threat to life’ was levelled against him by Runtown, the ‘Gallardo’ singer has taken to Twitter to drag the heck out of his ex-boss.

Runtown says that contrary to his former boss, Dilly Umenyiora’s claim of being invited by the police, he was arrested yesterday and taken to the police office in Alagbon, Lagos state.

 Between Runtown and former Boss, Dilly: Things just got messier!. Lailasnews

We gathered that Dilly was picked up by the police on Friday while he was at his gym and taken to the force office in Alagbon to answer to the alleged murder attempt on Runtown’s life.

However, on Saturday, Dilly released a statement today denying the claim saying he was only invited and not arrested.

It appeared the popular singer really had a lot of time to spare as well as a lot to say, as he trolled his former boss without mercy. According to Runtown,

‘when a grown man acts like a kid, he gets treated like a kid.’

‘And just Incase you are wondering how the police bursted you yesterday ,all your staffs work for me my nigga you don’t pay them. I do.’

‘Ma nigga you got arrested ,talking about you got invited invited to where ??’

‘Don’t try me lol’

‘I said it before and i will say it again ‘NO MAN CAN TRY ME’!!’

‘You are lucky we let them bail your ass’

‘I have time today,sorry’

‘I just recorded another HIT with my idol so HAPPY DAY IN LA !!’

‘I have only two things to worry about , sorry 3

1. Life after dropping the best music project Africa hathater seen

2. What bank I’m transferring billions of Naira from this project to

3. My son’s 1st bday’

‘Talking about i owe you ,you must be mad !! After I held you down since your business fell off !! Mr Dilly When you see me TELL ME I OWE YOU TO MY FACE !! FOH’

‘I only care about my fans and my family!! #IdoThisForThem’

‘We Run this shit!!! SOUNDGOD HQ get familiar with the new Government and Runtown the President  Have a lovely day guys ….. #NewMusicOutSoon’

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