Home Celebrity Gossip Beyonce Mass at San Francisco Grace Cathedral (pictures, videos)

Beyonce Mass at San Francisco Grace Cathedral (pictures, videos)


A first ever Beyonce mass held at a church in the United States while y’all slept last night and it was massive, sold out!

People literally went to church to worship Beyonce!

beyonce mass san francisco grace cathedral lailasnews

San Francisco Grace Cathedral opened their doors to the church’s first-ever Beyoncé Mass Wednesday night and it is estimated that over 900 people came to the celebration.

The mass was a traditional service that was devoted to Beyoncé’s music and accomplishments.

See pictures from Beyonce Mass below:

beyonce mass san francisco grace cathedral lailasnews 2

beyonce mass service program lailasnews
Beyonce mass service program

Worshippers sang along with Beyoncé’s hits and explored her inspirational history, particularly how she “opens a window into the lives of the marginalized and forgotten — particularly black females,” as the church described on its website.

The Beyoncé Mass was announced via a Facebook post two weeks ago and made local and international news.

“I heard about it about a week ago and was intrigued,” said Devin Daniels, 28, of San Francisco, who sported a hat reminiscent of the singer’s headgear in her “Formation” music video.

“I’ve followed Beyoncé forever and was of course revved up to come tonight by her recent Coachella performance.”

Scroll down to watch more videos from Beyonce Mass

The idea sprang from a class called “Beyoncé and the Hebrew Bible” led by the Rev. Yolanda Norton, a San Francisco Theological Seminary assistant professor whose specialty is the Old Testament.

One of her students, Sam Lundquist, is a pastoral intern at the cathedral, and a collaboration was born.

For Norton, both the class and the Mass came from a desire to explore female-centric interpretations of the Bible — specifically how biblical texts reflect African American female identity.

She said:

“When we talk about womanist biblical interpretation, Beyoncé felt like a natural fit.

If we look at the trajectory of her person and her relationships, we can see so many issues black women face and how it can affect how we interpret the text.”

The Grace Cathedral service’s music was predictably from the canon of Beyoncé and her former group Destiny’s Child, starting with the girl group’s hit “Survivor.” Logan McWilliams sang “Listen” from the film “Dreamgirls” with an expanded version of the Vine choir and band.

Beyonce Mass videos:

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