Home News Builder destroys new £2.5m homes ‘in revenge for not being paid’

Builder destroys new £2.5m homes ‘in revenge for not being paid’


A row of newly built cottages have been destroyed by a builder using a digger just weeks before people were due to move in.

It is believed that the houses in Buntingford, Hertfordshire, were knocked down by disgruntled workman Daniel Neagu, 30, in a row over pay,Metro UK reports.

Witnesses described seeing the man laughing and taking pictures as he damaged the £2.5million row of houses, telling police that he hadn’t been paid.

Elaine Francois, 61, who called the police, said:

‘It looks like an earthquake or bomb struck. The man was laughing and taking photos of the damage. ‘When police got here he told them he wasn’t paid and that’s why he did it. He was totally calm.’

Another neighbour, and former bricklayer, William Griffiths, 67, said: ‘

He got out of the digger and I thought, ‘Great, he’s stopped’. But he got back to carry on. He seemed happy. ‘When police took him away in cuffs he caused no trouble.’

A fellow builder, who had been involved in the construction, said he was ‘angry’ after going to see the damage because he did not know what he would do for work.

Police in Hertfordshire said:

‘We have had lots of interest about yesterday’s incident in Buntingford. The offender is still in custody whilst enquiries continue. More details will be released in due course by our Corp Comms department.’ It was reported in the sun that neighbours confronted the builder, fearing their homes would be next.


However he told them that he was only damaging properties where he was owed money. Police said that Mr Neagu will appear in court later today.

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