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City Girls and Cardi B Give Us the Ass-Clapping Video Anthem We Never Knew We Wanted


I know I am not the only person who was mesmerized by Cardi B’s stripper dancing and pole work in her video for “Money.”

The truth is, I have long been a fan of watching women with delightful asses throwing them around in a circle to ratchet beats. I was there in 2011 when the infamous ‘Twerk Team” released their video of them dancing to Waka Flocka Flame’s “Round of Applause,” and trended worldwide on Twitter for the entire night.
Oh, you weren’t hip? Twerk Team was the shit, honey. RIP Betty Butt.

My point is, I am a twerking connoisseur. Twerk Team stopped posting videos to their YouTube channel three years ago, but we have been blessed with another Twerk Queen in the form of Cardi B. City Girls and Cardi B released the video for their collaboration “Twerk” today, and it is everything you never knew you wanted or needed.

In November, City Girls member Yung Miami recruited 25 twerking young women to be “flewed out” to Miami to answer the “Twerk challenge” and be crowned the twerking champion.

The “Twerk” video lets us see a great many young ladies trying to win that challenge, and boy is it heavenly.

You have never seen so much ass in your life. Big asses. Little asses. Sandy asses. Jiggly asses. Asses that look like they have pebbles stuffed into each cheek. So. Much. Ass.

And it’s glorious. I have already watched the video at least ten times myself, and I will likely watch it 100 more times before the night is over. It’s the same thing I used to do with the Twerk Team videos.

It’s hypnotic.

Check out the video, and let me know in the comments what you think.

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