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Couple arrested for burning housemaid’s private parts


A couple in Uganda has been arrested by the over allegation of maltreating their housemaid and causing bodily harm to her, injuring her private parts in the process.

The couple was arrested by the Police in Bweyogerere, Kira Municipality in Wakiso District, Uganda.

Ugandan couple arrested for burning housemaid’s private parts lailasnews 4

Authorities say the housemaid was recruited through a company known as Master Maids Uganda Limited which advertised the “juicy” jobs that made many apply.

Master Maids is reportedly owned and run by a one Peter Kayiduwa, 50.

Mr Kayiduwa assigned the victim to one Sandra Mukibi’s residence in Kireka to work as her house maid.

However, the maid alleges that because of her boss’ domestic marital fights with her husband, she was at the receiving end of the conflicts.

She told police that she was battered with electric wires, pieces of wood, forcefully confined indoors, burnt hands, private parts, beaten with a ladle, detained in a storeroom and later Mukibi failed to pay her wages.

In her words:

“I was first received on a very good note in the house of my master, but later days turned to hell as anytime they fight, i become the victim. Sometimes, they don’t give me food throughout the day and I got beaten anytime I make little mistakes.

And the husband and his wife have also refused to pay me my wages. I don’t want to stay with them again”

The details of the case came to light when police in Bweyogerere received a report from the victim’s family saying that their daughter had been gruesomely mistreated and maimed.

The suspects were arrested on Tuesday (Labour Day) and are currently detained at Bweyogerere Police Station under vide SD REF 13/01/05/2018.

Police say her story reveals the cruel relationship between ‘masters and servants’ and different organisation’s cosmetic measures to protect the rights of housemaids.

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