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Did Nicki Minaj Diss Drake In “Hard White” Video?


Nicki Minaj had fans buzzing yesterday with the release of the video for “Hard White”, which is a track off her album, “Queen”.

Not only was the visual something new from the rap sensation but some fans also think she threw shade at label mate and fellow rapper, Drake.

The visual had fans chattering when at one point in the video, a scorpion appears, before breaking apart into a ton of tiny, segmented parts. This immediately had fans speculating that it was a diss at Drake as it would be recalled that Scorpion is the title of Drake’s 2018 full-length album hence why many feel the imagery is a direct diss.

“OMG NICKI ENDED DRAKE KFKFKFKFKm,” one fan wrote on Twitter after watching.

“Just killed another career, it’s a mild day. #hardwhite #endeddrake,” another fan tweeted.

“Did Nicki really say f**k drake like that like that?” a third fan even wrote.

It is interesting that in the video, Minaj is surrounded by creepy zombie-esque co-stars as she spits the lyrics to her formerly released track. The wild new visuals show her wearing an elaborate headdress with a long sleeve chain linked gown where she looks like a queen ready for battle. The royal theme continues as she’s seen in a futuristic silver mini dress while dropping bars seated atop a throne with burning torches on both sides.

You can watch the video yourself and decide if she indeed dissed Drake.

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