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Father and daughter caught having sex, mother says she is aware


A man and his daughter have been the talk of the town in Mwangaza, Hola Town in Tana River County, Kenya when they were caught red-handed having sexual intercourse which looked clearly consensual.

Father and daughter caught having sex, mother says she is aware lailasnews 2

The incident reportedly happened early this week and was posted by KNA on Facebook which has since gone viral when it was published on major news platforms in the country on Thursday, April 26.

According to the report, the man’s sister in-law who had paid them a visit incognito caught him lying in bed while his daughter was shamelessly sitting on his manhood and they both were passionately enjoying the sex.

The woman then screamed out of surprise and attracted the attention of neighbours before she subsequently fainted.

The incestuous culprits then quickly dressed themselves up and tried to resuscitate the woman who became victim of a shameful circumstance.

When she finally gained consciousness, she called her sister and mother of the delinquent girl who had gone to pay visit to her parents out of town to narrate the incident to her.

However, to her utter surprise, the girl’s mother scolded her that she should mind her own business.
She was reported to have said that she has always been aware of the situation, but chose to protect her marriage by keeping quiet, knowing how violent her husband can get.

Apparent out of anger, the woman asked her sister: “Why do you want to destroy my marriage?”

Meanwhile, neighbours expressed disgust at the incident, with one of them saying:

“The fact that it is the girl who was found on top of her father is reason enough to believe the lass had consented to her father’s lust. And this will make you wonder what some women are passing through in their marriages. this woman could have easily walked away or reported to the Police, but she chose to stay..What a pity”

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