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Floyd Mayweather talks about beef with 50 Cent, says he tried to screw Al Haymon (video)


Floyd Mayweather who sat for a chat with Complex News at his fitness center, narrated what led to the beef with Power Star and rapper, 50 Cent.

Floyd Mayweather recounts beef with 50 Cent, say he tried to screw Al Haymon (video) lailasnews 1

According the retired boxer, 50 Cent tried to push out Al Haymon, his long time partner and who Floyd has credited with having a crucial role in building his near-billion-dollar empire. On what led to the beef with 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather said it all started when the rapper tried to cut Haymon out of his business and start his own thing with him.

On owing 50 Cent money, Floyd Mayweather who brought the famous $18 million diamond watch which the rapper claimed he never bought, said;

“I don’t owe anyone money.”

And, while Floyd Mayweather had SOME nice things to say about the rapper — he ripped 50’s show, “Power” … saying this season is “sh*t.” 50 Cent recently sent out a semi olive branch … saying Floyd’s his “brother” — but then ripped him by saying he’s illiterate and can’t read any of his IG posts anyway.

50 Cent had also called the boxer a fool for buying the Billionaire Watch for a whopping $18 million.  Mayweather had written:

“This my new timepiece, it’s called “The Billionaire Watch”. If you don’t know about it, google Billionaire Watch. That’s $18 Million on the price tag,” he captioned a video of his sparkling wrist jewelry.

Some commenters echoed same thought about how that money could have been used on a lot more important things. And 50 Cent who is known to be an online troll and an individual who speaks point-blank to any one in his blackbook, also took his time to throw major shades at Floyd Mayweather

“Man they found the 1 nig*a in the world, dumb enough to buy that watch,” he commented on a picture of Floyd, followed by his infamous catchphrase: “LOL get the strap.”

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