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I think of my late mum every night – Seyi Shay


Nigerian female pop singer, Seyi Shay, has been able to hold it down in the male-dominated music industry. But despite the smiles she brings to the face of her teeming fans, the singer opened up in  a chat with Saturday Beats, on the void in her heart that no one can fill.

I think of my late mum every night - Seyi Shay lailasnews 4

She said that most nights before going to bed she thinks of her dead mother and some of her last words to her.

She said:

“Currently all my father does is to pray for me. Before my mother died, her last words to me were that I should become all I can be and I would eventually make it in Nigeria. I really miss my mother and I wish she could see everything that I am doing now. I wish she could see that I have not given up despite the setbacks I encounter in my job. I think my mother would be proud of me.

“If my mother was alive, I am sure she would always ask me when I would introduce her to my fiancé but before her death, she never pressured me about marriage. Before she died, she told me that I should make sure I have done everything I wanted to do before any other thing. She said I should not let any man stop my dream. That is what she said to me. Now, I am ready for marriage, I even sang about it in my new project.”

I think of my late mum every night - Seyi Shay lailasnews

Speaking more about her recent project which is her new EP, Electric Package, she said that she has gone back to her roots with the body of work.

“I started the process of this EP in November; I recorded over 20 songs but picked the best six songs based on the story I want to tell. I picked the most indigenous songs because I want to connect with my roots again. People think I am too foreign, so I wanted to show them that I am not. The first song I released was ‘Loving Your Way, and this EP goes back to that sound which I started with.

Learning the Shaku Shaku dance:

“Everybody is doing the Shaku Shaku dance and it took me a long time to learn the dance. D’banj taught me how to dance it and I am glad to say that I can do the dance step. It was not till I learnt how to dance it that I realised that it is quite easy. People think it is about the footwork but it is more about the hand movement; if you get the hand and head movement right, the footwork would be easy,” she said.

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