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‘I was a young promising Dips before I signed to label’ – Oladips explodes in new song


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Nigerian rapper Oladips is in an explosive new phase as his new song ‘Maybe’ is already causing major issues online.

The young rapper who recently departed his record label jarahgist.com/2019/07/breaking-oladips-dumps-reminisces-lrr-record-label.html” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” data-wpel-link=”internal”>LRR in the new song called his former boss Reminisce out asking a lot of questions that has gotten many tongues wagging.

Oladips was heard saying i the song;

I was a young promising dips before I signed to label, same reason I had to leave the label…

Maybe I shouldn’t have signed in the first place, now I feel like choking myself with my necklace

The day that I signed I wish there was an eclipse, I would have stayed in my house and watched my netflix.

Watch the video below;

The post jarahgist.com/2019/07/i-was-a-young-promising-dips-before-i-signed-to-label-oladips-explodes-in-new-song.html” data-wpel-link=”internal” target=”_self”>‘I was a young promising Dips before I signed to label’ – Oladips explodes in new song appeared first on jarahgist.com/” data-wpel-link=”internal” target=”_self”>Jarahgist.com.

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