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‘Kids born by babymamas may be bastards’ -Tattoo artist says as he gets a sex doll


A Nigerian tattoo artist @bizzyaski, who took to Instagram to give us a ‘Nunu’ alert of his sex doll, also took a swipe at children born by babymamas.

'Kids born by babymamas may be bastards' -Tattoo artist says as he gets a sex doll lailasnews

According to the tattoo artist, he will rather have a sex doll than have a babymama, because distance fathering usually affects kids. He went further to disclose that many Nigerian celebrities think that they are fathers of kids born by babymamas, however they are sending child support money to these ladies to raise kids that belong to someone else.

Here’s what he wrote;

NUNU ALERT❤ I’ll rather have a sex doll than a baby mama. A child born to a babymama is just like a fatherless child. Distance fathering is shit which is gonna affect the child’s psychology. How you gonna be even sure you own that baby in the first place? Having a sex doll will safe u from raising a bastard. Many guys, especially in Nigerian showbiz think they own the babies with their so called babymamas, and are paying upkeep money, but that child belongs to someone else. They dunno! And all this shit culture is gonna backfire….even if you own the kid, kid will bounce back on you later on hearing his or her story twisted by the mom. With CARDI, can’t bother abt all that shit. Btw, she is the sexiest doll so far in 9ja.

@Bizzyaski is not the only one that has expressed his thoughts about the viral trend of becoming a babymama. Few weeks ago, we reported that Kenyan socialite and Big Brother Africa housemate, Huddah Monroe, who in her social media rants disclosed that she’s not on a nigga diet and haven’t had sex in 3 months, further stated that  it is sad that people crave to be baby daddies and baby mommas, instead of the ‘mom and dad’ family settings. According to her, she can’t raise her child without a father figure.

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