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Lady reveals how a slay queen snatched her broke boyfriend


A Nigerian lady by the name Wf Quinn Jacquees took to Facebook to call out her broke boyfriend, whom she accused of leaving her for a slay queen just because they had a little misunderstanding.

Lady reveals how a slay queen snatched her broke boyfriend lailasnews

And according to her, she wasn’t a friend to the slay queen but mistakenly tagged her on one of her photos of Facebook and that was how she made a way into her life to the extent of snatching her boyfriend

She wrote;

Okay now everyone’s in bed let me tell my story by moonlight…… A true life story

So this is what happened to Me like a year ago. How time flies I look back at it and I laugh a little louder. There was this slay queen on Facebook, we weren’t much of friends and then one day I mistakenly tagged her in one of my posts. I never ever do that. Then people kept commenting on the post “cute” sweet”dope”beautiful” etc and the slay mama inboxed me and told me to try and stop the comments that they were disturbing her. Too many notifications. I smiled and told her to unlike and untag herself if she wanted to stop getting notifications on the post

She got mad, unfriend me well I wasn’t bothered cos she wasn’t paying my bills nor house rent or school fees.
I never knew she vowed to pay me back in double folds,to get to my boyfriend.😱 and teach me a lesson wow. And the hoe succeeded I woke up one day and found out that she was going out with my broke boyfriend 😂. I was mad I wanted to go find her bf too fuck him, twerk on his dick, give him a low job and rub it all in her face that I can do better but then something stopped me.im not just that kind of bitch. I’m like even bitches got class! And I let them have fun funny enough the dude never had sex with me I was glad for that so am not his ex😂😂😂
After some months the slay Quinns boyfriend started chasing after me I knew he was up to something maybe pay back to the girl too. it was a perfect opportunity for me to pay back as well but I rejected it and stayed cool.she started the relationship with my ex with sex in the club and all. Well they seemed happy until after some months 😂😂😂new cloth d sweet to wear but once it’s old you abandon it. And that’s what he did😭😭😭.well the slay mama fucked up just cos of revenge cos her boyfriend used to pay her house rent and all but then she left him for my broke boyfriend not all that glitters is gold. But well I later found someone I really loved and he’s worth it .

Plus I’m grateful to her for bringing her boyfriend my way he’s a really nice person. He knows am an ice cream fan and he gets it for me all the time. We’re super cool friends.
Why am I telling y’all this?? Learn to appreciate what you have learn to forgive for that’s why we’re humans and not angels. We all have flaws. If we learn to tolerate each other we’ll be happier. vengeance is for God do not do his job!
Learn bitch what rock my boat may sink your ship!

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