Home Viral Lagosian buys a bottle of Pepsi with a used straw in it

Lagosian buys a bottle of Pepsi with a used straw in it


A parched Instagram user, who bought a Pepsi drink to quench his thirst was surprised to buy a cocked drink with a used straw inside.

Lagosian buys a bottle of Pepsi with a used straw in it lailasnews

Taking to Instagram to share photos of the drink, he wrote;

I needed a drink yesterday after a long day and I asked a drink vendor to gimme my usual bottle of Pepsi to my chagrin I found a used straw inside inside the factory cocked bottle of pepsi.. and I felt bad that this is not hygienic enough.. It shows @Pepsi_naija does not wash their bottle well from the factory before refilling… I want to advise the company not to leave any stone untouched when producing .. They should protect their customers; first taking healthy measures so we won’t contact disease and other infections through their products…. Now I have officially stopped taking @pepsi_naijadrinks…



Few years ago, the Beijing Coca-Cola Beverage Company was ordered to pay 2.05 yuan in compensation to a customer who found an insect in a bottle of Sprite.

A man surnamed Gao, who bought a box of soft drinks containing 24 bottles of Sprite from a supermarket in Beijing, found a 3cm long cockroach-like insect inside one bottle of the popular drink.

Gao took the company to Daxing court in 2008, asking for 5.1 yuan. The amount included 2.05 yuan for the bottle, 2.05 yuan as a penalty, and 1 yuan in psychological damage. He additionally requested an official apology from Coca Cola.

“I don’t want money. It’s a lawsuit concerning public interests,” Gao told the Beijing News, adding that all his family members have given up the famous brand’s products because they are “disgusting”.

During the trial, the Beijing Coca-Cola Beverage Company admitted that the questionable Sprite resembled a genuine product. The court agreed it was a genuine product that hadn’t been tampered with.

“Beijing Coca-Cola Beverage Company, as an influential drink producer, should improve its supervision of food safety. All of its products should meet the quality standard and avoid endangering their customers’ health,” a press release from Daxing court said.

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