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Man falls from Palm Tree while displaying prowess at a Festival in Enugu


In what looked like a failed power test, a man has fallen from a Palm Tree while trying to make a display to onlookers at a festival in Enugu State, Nigeria.

The man was captured in a video trying to climb the palm tree without support, while he was being cheered up by the people.

According to the Anambra Broadcasting Services, which shared the video online, the man was displaying youthfulness and prowess during a festival when the incident happened

Many people stood watching him when he fell from the tree. He appeared unconscious in the video but was assisted up by men at the scene before he was quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Ironically the music playing in the background ‘onwu, onwu’ meant death in Igbo language.

Watch the video below:

Social media users in their usual manner reacted to the video and surprisingly someone mentioned that President Buhari needs to see this to understand the Nigerian youths are not lazy.

Pls forward this video to Buhari that said Nigeria youths are lazy, I don’t blame him becos he went to aso rock to embezzle our money with his family members” A man identified as Bruce had said.

Afam was admonishing other men to stop endangering their lives:

Young men should please be very careful to avoid such accidents. Human life has no duplicate. Once lost, it’s lost.

Another man wondered at the barbarity involved in climbing trees without climbing aids at this age:

In this modern age people are still climbing trees barehanded. Africans wake up from your deep sleep, others people from other parts of the world are long time at work changing things and perspectives.

He wont be stupid in his next life, Chinedu had written:

In his next life he will never be stupid again

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