Mum hits back at trolls who slammed her for sharing photos of her stillborn son


    Zariah Jackson’s life was turned upside down when her precious son Jeremiah was stillborn.

    Zariah, who is only 17 herself, had to come to terms with saying goodbye.

    Feeling like she was completely alone, she decided to share photos of him on social media.She shared a number of photos of her in the hospital after he was born on March 14, and several pictures of her with friends and family at his funeral.

    Speaking to the Mirror Online, she said:

    “I share my pictures and my story to raise awareness of stillbirth.”

    Even though he is dead, I am still a mother.

    “I wanted to share my pictures and my story to raise awareness of stillbirth.”

    Zariah, who lives in Florida, posted a powerful message on social media hitting out at the people sending the horrible messages.

    She said:

    “My baby had every right to be shown off by his mother just like a baby who is alive.

    “I shared by story not for all the miserable negative a** folk to get on my s*** but to simply show y’all how God will give you something in life that’s gonna make you or break you.

    “God gave me a battle many couldn’t fight and that was losing what I love most.

    Now the lesson I learned was to appreciate what you have while you have it because you never know when it’s going to taken.”

    Despite the abuse she received Zariah is still glad she posted the photos.

    She said:

    “It brought on a lot of negativity but it helped me knowing I wasn’t the only mother with no baby.”

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