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My ROAD TRIP DAY 2: Journey To The North


Hope you didn’t think I forgot to give you gist

Well good morning from THE NORTH 😎
Let’s rewind to 5:30am yesterday when I woke up and was getting set for my journey.

Got ready as quickly as possible so I won’t miss the first bus, guess what I almost did, got to the park where I booked a seat with THE CONFLUENCE TRANSPORT thought I was going with the first bus until I was told that a family had come to book the whole bus the night before, my question was, was it a compound or street family ?

Someone from the management had pity on me because I still had another long journey before me,they were stopping at Kaduna, while I was to carry further to Kano.

While traveling a good and reliable transport network is vital which brings us to THE CONFLUENCE TRANSPORT a reliable transport company, my journey to Kaduna (the first half of the journey) was smooth because of the relationship between the vehicle and road. Not only is the road coverage in the North sufficient, but exist almost everywhere in good conditions and are totally passable during rainy season and dry season. In less than six hours we were already in Kaduna.

I got on another vehicle heading to Kano, this time a smaller one but the road still remain same, exactly 4hours later I arrived Kano and I was wowed, I had heard stories of how fascinating she looks, but wanted to be the judge of it and here I stood in awe, got to my destination and I couldn’t stop complimenting the city.

Will be uploading pictures of places I visited on my social media platform

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