Home News ‘Saraki & I Made Mistake Voting APC In 2015’ – Atiku

‘Saraki & I Made Mistake Voting APC In 2015’ – Atiku


Sane, honest, Patriotic and hardworking Nigerians, Do not Waste time Arguing with Buhari Haters* 
We are not talking about critics who are genuinely concerned about a better Nigeria,. You will know them because when they see good efforts of government they applaud.


But the others, the one who swore on their lives Buhari will never be president, the enemies of the nation, are the ones we are talking about. The following are their traits:

* They lie and mislead others with statements as ‘I regret voting Buhari'(Saraki and Atiku) etc a cliche they started using as early as few months into the Buhari government. To them it doesn’t matter that the last government looted the treasury and Buhari met an empty treasury…they will say ‘we voted him because he said he will change the nation in ‘3 months? (Don’t bother to ask for proof, lying is their trademark)

* They are the one who swore on their father’s head that Buhari died in Aso rock, and later in UK. Then they said the Buhari that returned to Nigeria is a clone (duplicate) and you still take cognizance of what comes out of these peoples mouth.

* They were the ones who said 8 years was not enough for OBJ, and 6 not enough for GEJ etc They are the beneficiaries of corruption. They are either the full time politicians, corrupt civil servants, journalists, bankers, fraudulent contractors, religious businessmen etc Its no longer business As usual, so they pretend that they are fighting for ordinary Nigerians (na lie!!!)

* When you remind them of how corruption in last government has ruined the nation….they ask you to stop talking about the past

* When you say Buhari is a man of integrity and his fighting corruption…they say his son has a power bike.

* When Evans the kidnapper say something against Buhari, he becomes an hero. When you say their heroes and spokespersons lack integrity (IBB, OBJ, Fayose, FFK, Saraki, Reno, GEJ, Athiefkwu, etc)…then they say look at the message not the messenger (what meaningful words do the robber want to utter?)

*They are not interested in any development in Nigeria, if it means ascribing any success to PMB. 

* Every good news of the nation brings them sadness, and they remain quiet until another bad news crops up

* If you tell them Buhari is building over 300 roads all over Nigeria, they say it is because of 2019.

* Tell them Buhari is developing the rail system all over Nigeria, they say it is not his initiative that Obasanjo and GEJ had plans to do it.

* Inform them about the agricultural revolution how Nigeria now produces its local food and has become a foremost world exporter of food, they say it is Obasanjo that started Operation feed the nation in the 70s (God have mercy!!!)

* When you say Buhari is working to completing abandoned projects, over 8000 nationwide (Mambila hydro power, Ajaokuta Steel Plant etc), they say it is because he has no program of his own.

Let us stop here abeg….
How many we wan talk?!
But definitely, the willfully blind will forever be blind and the wilfully deaf, will be deaf for ever.

President Buhari, The looter of our National treasury are still so much in PAINS from 2015 because you blocked all avenue for them to continue their looting as usual.


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