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There is nothing wrong in acting nude roles


Nollywood actress, Ify Ubah, may not be the regular face on your TV screen, but she has featured in so  many blockbusters and her talents in the industry speaks for her. The former banker has aid in a new interview with Joe Agbro Jr that she does not have any issues with acting nude roles.

There is nothing wrong in acting nude roles - Actress Ify Ubah lailasnews 3

According to the Ify Ubah, there is a whole lot of difference between acting nude and pornography. It all depends on the target audience and the reason for acting unclad.

Read excerpt from the Interview below:

How it all started as an actress:

Well, already I was a model. So, I already had friends who started going into music videos. I was a vixen in Koffi’s video too. And Koffi started producing his comedy TV series which I was part of. So, gradually when you’re in that circle, there would always be information.

But because then, I was working, I will get the text message but I won’t be able to show up and things like that. So, it wasn’t really steady but when I finally made the decision, I just had to take this seriously as a career path. That was in 2015.

Perception on models being considered as women of easy virtues

Well, my first appearance on the runway was in a mesh top. And for people into fashion, if you know what a mesh top is, it’s more like a fish net. But, most people feel nudity is pornography when it comes to modelling but it’s not the same. People in the entertainment industry are among the most disciplined people.

I think I can say that because I’ve worked in different sectors. Some of them are really hardworking and that they show parts of their body is for a reason. It’s what the designer wants to do. The body of a model is merely like a ‘hangar.’ It’s like a mannequin. You’re not meant to look at the mannequin. You’re meant to admire the outfit, the art of what the designer is trying to do.

If she is willing to express nudity for art sake:

Yeah, nudity for art sake, it depends on what it’s for. Certainly, it’s not pornography but at least the message should be important. And we should know the target audience and if the audience is ready to receive it.

But I think in Nigeria, the entertainment audience are beginning to be more open-minded to see the difference between the two. So, for me, I don’t have an issue on nudity but it should have a reason. A woman should not just go and be nude, either on runway or for photography.

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