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This is how oral sex can give you cancer


A certain Ghanaian doctor while having a radio session on a popular radio station in the country has advised men to stay away from having oral sex with their partners as this leads to increase in the rate of throat cancer.

Ghanaian doctor says oral sex causes throat cancer lailasnews 2

Founder of Philteng Medical Centre, Dr. Philemon Mensah, has urged couples to desist from oral sex since it can be deadly. According to the medical doctor, couples should find alternative means to satisfy themselves sexually instead of resulting in Oral sex.

Ghanaian doctor says oral sex causes throat cancer lailasnews

Dr. Mensah advised men to, instead of using their tongue to stimulate the clitoris of their partners, they should rather use their fingers.

Contributing to a discussion on the issue on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Friday, Dr. Mensah warned that those engaging in oral sex were twice more likely to have oral HPV infection than those who did not engage in oral sex.

Dr. Mensah also revealed that mouth cancer is on the rise and the spread of HPV from oral sex could be the main reason because it [HPV] affects the skin found in areas of the body exposed to moisture including the mouth, rectum, cervix, and throat.

He said Oral sex has been linked with an increased risk of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection in the mouth with an increased risk of developing throat cancers.

“The highly contagious virus is commonly contracted through unprotected sexual activity,” he added.

In conclusion, Dr Mensah advised the alternative to stimulate the clitoris, should be the use of the fingers and not the tongue. He also called on people to always go for screening and check-up to guard against cancer of any kind.

In his words:

‘We have always advised couples to desist from oral sex as the disadvantages overrides the benefits. There is nothing that your tongue will do to a woman that your finger cannot do. That is just the simple advise and explanation any doctor can offer to his patients. mouth action can give you serious throat infection which can eventually lead to cancer’

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