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Trump was partially right for saying African countries are ”shit hole’ countries – Uche Maduagwu


From Uche Maduagwu’s desk;

BBnaija has EXPOSED how Rotten and irresponsible some girls are…🚽🚽 I think Trump was partially right when he said African countries are “shit hole” countries…😀😄 well, i couldn’t agree less, because the irresponsible girls, and morally bankrupt guys who had SEX in #bbnaija came out with unlimited accolades, in fact, i was shocked when the so called “morally upright” celebs too were applauding these little sex rascals. .

The late Obafemi and Azikiwe would probably be ashamed of what this COUNTRY they fought for is right now, a Colossal Moral waste bin. I don’t need a rocket SCIENCE to tell me that the very fabrics of our rich tradition and culture is at the very brink of oblivion.

This present generation of youths in Nigeria have lost their MORAL coat of many colors, and have torn the very garment of all what our fathers stood for in the past, now we care less what our daughters and sons do to get fame or material benefit, if having SEX before millions of people would bring home the Money, then its nothing to worry about. Now i see why our corrupt politicians will always rule over us and steal our shared resources,💰🎁 because our society has lost its soul.

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