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Why Chidinam Ekile’s contract was not renewed – Ill Bliss


Rapper and label owner Ill Bliss has revealed reason his label did not renew the contract of one of its artists, Chidinma.

According to the rapper, the label just did not want to renew her contract.

Chidinma didn’t just wake up one morning and leave the record label. Didn’t you guys see that the relationship degenerated? Her contract expired with Capital Hill and we did not want to renew it. We are the record company; so, we decide what to do with an artiste we create.”

He continued;

“From the start, Clarence Peters and I didn’t plan to keep artistes for too long. Phyno stayed for a year too. There is always a problem when you start to keep an artiste for too long because you want to recoup all the money you invested in him or her and make a huge profit too. We made some good money from these artistes; we made enough money to break even and cover all our expenses,” he said.


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