Woman left looking like Shrek after her fake tan went seriously wrong


    Danni, 20, was left looking like Shrek and the Incredible Hulk when her fake tan left her skin incredibly dark green. Just five minutes after applying one coat of the £3.99 fake tan Danni’s skin was an entirely different colour, leaving her so mortified she refused to leave the house.

    Danni, who lives in Nottingham, said:

    ‘I was having a meltdown. I looked in the mirror and my whole chest was green. ‘I was hiding from everybody in the house. I had my hood up and the sleeves of my dressing gown down to my hands.


    ‘I’d already shared it online so when I showed photos of my green hands I had people calling me the Hulk and Shrek. ‘People were photoshopping my face onto Fiona from Shrek’s body. ‘It was really funny actually – I took it in my stride. If I don’t laugh about it then I will cry. ‘However I’m not leaving the house looking like this.

    I woke up to about thirty messages from people asking to see more after pictures. ‘This has gone mad. I have had so many messages from family I haven’t spoken to in ages because they’ve seen the post gone viral.’She told UK Metro.

    PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: DANNI BRUCE AFTER APPLYING THE ST MORIZ DARKER THAN DARK FAKE TAN) A ‘notorious’ fake tan fanatic who is even qualified to dish them out to others was left GREEN-faced when she turned her skin so dark she ‘looked like Shrek’. Danni Bruce, 20, claims friends teased she was a dead ringer the ugly cartoon character and his green princess Fiona when the St Moriz Darker Than Dark left her skin jet black with a hint of green. Just five minutes after applying one coat of the fake tan Danni was unrecognisable, with hilarious photographs of her developing skin tone quickly going viral online. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY



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