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Wow! What A Company’s HR Did After A Job Seeker Asked To Reschedule Interview Will Shock You


The story has been told of the unbelievable kindness the HR in a Nigerian company showed to a job seeker recently.

The story was told on Twitter by one Iremide who happens to be the job seeker’s cousin. According to Iremide, her cousin who has been unemployed for 6 years finally got a call to come for a job interview. However even though he was really happy, he had to tell the HR of the company that called him that he would like to reschedule the interview.

The HR asked him he why wanted to reschedule the interview and he told the woman that he didn’t have transport money or even presentable clothes to wear so he needed some time to go round and get ready.

When the HR heard this, she did something that blew people’s minds. Read Iremide’s story below to find out.

“My eldest cousin, A graduate, been unemployed for 6years now. Was recently called for an interview in one of the places he applied to, he asked the HR if he could reschedule “Can I know why” the HR asked, he told her damn straight that he doesn’t have transport not to talk of presentable clothes that he’d have to rally round a bit. 

“The HR said okay,  get yourself together and she gave him a week.

“Three days after, She called him and asked him to please send his account details. Apparently, she informed two of her friends in the same company about my cousin’s situation and they all decided to contribute for him. 

“Long story short, 

“He has been employed on merit yesterday!!  I’m the happiest! God is great!”

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