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You are a spiritual moron – Uche Maduagwu comes for Daddy Freeze


Following Daddy Freeze’s open letter to Chimamanda Adichie over her thoughts on Hillary Clinton having ‘wife’ as the first title on her bio and him saying she’d never be as great as Hillary, Uche Maduagwu, has just shared his own thoughts about Freeze’s letter.

According to Maduagwu, Daddy Freeze is nothing but a spiritual moron.

You’re a Spiritual MORON for saying Chimamanda can never attain what Hillary Clinton has achieved in life… Are you God?🌎🌎 @daddyfreeze Firstly, when there is life, there is HOPE, and anyone can become great in life. Its absolutely ludicrous and derisory for a national hypocritical element like @daddyfreeze to be pointing accusing fingers at someone who has achieved more in life than him.😃😄😀

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a well respected international figure, she is like a Sister to me, a woman with an unparalleled creativity in her field of study, a leading voice in the fight for gender equality in Africa, and one of the best kept secret of Nigeria to the #world,✈ that’s why she is even interviewing someone as powerful as Hillary Clinton, @daddyfreeze When was the last time you ever sat close to an American Senator or former Presidential Candidate in USA? You can’t even get 10 miles close to Hillary Clinton because that luxury of chance is above your pay grade sir.😄😀

So when next you want to criticize a woman as intellectually sound as Chimamanda, always have it at the back of your shallow, and Anti Tithe coat of many color confused mind, that those who Chimamanda rub shoulders with internationally are very important people that can feed you and your entire generation for life.💰💰

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