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6 Businesses You Can Start With Little or no Capital in Nigeria


Money is a major hindrance to many individuals living in Nigeria who intends to start up a business. Everyone wants to make end means one way or the other but because of the lack of capital they were unable to set up any business. Most people prefers to be boss of their own than to work under someone else.

This article is going to expose you to various types of businesses you can be able to start up with little or no capital. So, cheer up and don’t feel down. Below are the lists of businesses you can start up with little or no capital in Nigeria.

  1. Auctioning or selling of old items

Auctioning means putting up items for sales. It won’t cost you anything to sale your old items or any other items you feel is no longer relevant to you. You don’t need any capital to start selling things you already have. There are a lot of platforms in which you can advertize your items online in Nigeria. You can also directly tell people about your products either by hawking or shading them. But be mindful not to sell your entire properties, make sure it is the ones that are of less use to you. You can start up a small business from the little money you generate from the sales of those items.

  1. Event planner/organizer

This is a very good type of business you can start up without any cost. If you have a good organizational skill you can start making money by organizing various occasions to people. You can collect money from clients by organizing events like Birthday celebrations, wedding parties and any other special occasion.

  1. Makeup and Hairstyle

If you have a specialize training in makeup and hairstyle you can easily start making money with little or no capital. You can be offering makeup services to people at home and you can also be giving home services to those who want to make their hair. This can help you generate some money which you can use to start up a bigger project or improve on the makeup and hairstyle business.

  1. Repair of household appliances

If you have knowledge on how to repair home appliances like TV sets and Refrigerators you can be offering home services to people. The little amount of money you generate from such services can help you build up a better business.

  1. Car wash service

The rendering of car washing service is a very lucrative means of earning money in Nigeria. It won’t cost you much to wash cars; all you need is water and soaps. You don’t have to be employed to start up this business. You can even offer home services to people.

  1. Tutorial

You can start earning money by organizing tutorials to people. If you have an extensive knowledge about something, you can decide to teach others by asking them to pay for the service. It would cost you nothing to teach people on what you know and start making money for yourself.

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