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Reasons Why You Should Not Give Up


Giving up is one of the major reason why most people never reach their goals in life , is a kind of virus that corrupt ones mental health, depriving you of positive thought and subdues you to stigmatization. Giving up deprive you from growing up and it could lead to lost of self-confidence and depression.

The word ‘Give’ and ‘up’ should never be used together in a sentence that defines your life worth. These facts were compiled to help you never to give up in life.

  • Life worth

Put into consideration the worth of your life before you decide to give up. As a living being you should live on the code that says “when there is life there is hope “. Life itself is a valuable gift which should be handled and maintained with a high level of respect. Being alive is an important reason why you should not give up no matter what. Being alive gives you the ability to grow, this clearly means you have the ability to outgrow any situation you find yourself.

  • You have what it takes

Ask yourself this rhetorical question; do I really have to downsize myself in order to fit in with the situation? Why not obtain the mentality that you have what it takes deep inside you to make it to your proposed destination. Whenever you face difficulties in life take a moment to look back to where you are coming from and you will discover that you have left some people who started with you behind. Develop the mental awareness that you have what it takes to meet your goals.

  • Prove your self-worth

Most people give up just because the people they see themselves working hard to impress has lost faith in them, but why give up when in such circumstance you have the opportunity to be an outstanding eagle. With everyone moving on with you it simply means the journey is an easy one but when others loss faith in the journey and you made it without their support simply points out that you are a genius and a record breaker. Prove yourself worth in the race of life and those who lose faith in you will turn around to give you a massive celebration.

  • It doesn’t end with you

Life is an endless race that you sign in/register for by birth. Since your birth into this world your race has begun and your parent have made it their responsibility to see you through the race when you where at a tender age and now you are old enough to complete your section of this endless life race. Before you give up remember it doesn’t end with you, your parents did their best to get you to that point you are, why don’t you also strive to reach your dreams and give your kids a better starting point in the race of life, always remember that it doesn’t end with you .

  • Life is a teacher

Life itself happens to be a high-ranking teacher and for this sole reason it gives us tests and exams to determine the level of promotion we are to obtain in the academic of existence. Because of the potential value of its certificate and rewards, these tests and exams are set with high complex problem that might seem impossible to solve. Like the saying goes there is no problem without solution , so why give up on it when all that is required of you is to study the question and find the solution to it, learn more from this great teacher ‘life and excel in all its tests and exams. Remember that exams are taken to get promotion .

  • Morning sun rises after the darkest night

At every situation you find yourself relate it to natural evolutions such as; after the rain come the sun and after night comes day light. So don’t give up yet, see all your troubles as night and hope for day light. The solution to the problem you are facing that seems so difficult to solve and make you want to give up will definitely come around.All that is required of you is to focus and seize the moment when it comes around.

  • Happiness and Success are your rights

At any point in time every human has the right to succeed and be happy, so don’t give up on your birthrights to temporary challenge you come across in life rather take hold of your rights and enjoy all its benefits as a survival. Coming across situation doesn’t mean it is permanent rather the word ‘come across’ means come see the challenge and cross over it.

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